Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neutral Stripes, Chanel Pearl Necklace and Chanel Mini Classic Flap

Dress: Banana Republic - size 00P (buy HERE)
Belt: H&M (similar HERE and HERE)
Shoes: Ann Taylor in saddle brown - size 5 (similar HERE and HERE)
Necklace: Chanel 
Purse: Chanel mini classic flap (similar vintage Chanel)
A reader and now good friend, Karri was kind enough to share with me what her recent find was at Banana Republic. When I saw how well it fit her (we are the same size except she is a couple inches taller), I  couldn't resist ordering. Here is what it looks like on the BR model (nothing special) but on Karri it looks amazing:
The only downside to this dress is that it's unlined. I don't understand why BR does this to some of their dresses, especially given the price point. Does it really cost that much to put a thin layer of lining? I love stripes and I don't have anything like this that I can wear to work.
The length is perfect on me and this dress requires no alterations! Woo hoo! See me wearing it to work with my vintage gold chain here on Instagram.  After taking these photos, I like this outfit with the gold chain better but I was so antsy to showcase my new necklace.
I love my new mini classic flap (2012 collection) although I do wish it was more of a richer cognac color. The color is called "light brown" but it's more of a light saddle brown or a light cognac.  I noticed that the caviar is much softer than my other flaps. I was hesitant about it being too small but I think it's a great size and it doubles as a cross body.

What are your thoughts on this dress?

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