Friday, June 8, 2012

New Blog Name and Domain

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Today is a big day for me. I have decided to change my blog name to Stylish Petite and move my website domain name to: .

This is something I have wanted and needed to do since last February. My Really Petite name was much to similar to Jean at ExtraPetite.  When I first starting blogging back in 2010, I was a complete novice and had no idea what I was doing. I regret taking on my old name because it caused a lot of conflict and confusion.  I was very naive back then and wished I would have done this much sooner. It took me a very long time to come up with this new website and obtain all the matching social media names.   I'm nervous for this transition but am hoping it will clear up some issues.  I wanted to make sure that this change would be final and that I would love my new blog name and after countless tears, hundreds of potential names and lots of sleepless nights, I am happy with my new name.  I chose to start blogging to alleviate stress from my business but the last year or so, it has caused me nothing but sadness and stress.  I am sure it has done the same to Jean and for that I am truly sorry.  
Here are all the changes and I would greatly appreciate your support:

Twitter - I changed my twitter handle to @StylishPetite. If you already followed me on  @ReallyPetite, there is no need to re-follow. Please make sure if you tweet me, please mention @StylishPetite instead of ReallyPetite.

Instgram - I changed my Instagram name to @StylishPetite. There is no need to re-follow.

Google Friend Connect - If you already follow me here, you don't have to re-follow me and it should still show up on your Google Reader dashboard.  Thank you for your continued support.  **I don't think my latest post is showing up on Google Reader/Dashboard and am trying to figure out why- if anyone knows or can help- please email me!**

Rss Feed/Email - If you currently subscribe to via RSS feed or email, there is no need to re-subscribe. 

Facebook -  I had to create a whole new Facebook fan page. So if you "like" Really Petite's page, I would be so happy if you would "like" my new Stylish Petite page. I will no longer be updating my old page.

Bloglovin' - If you followed Really Petite, you will have to re-follow my new Bloglovin' page. I had to claim my new website. Sorry for the inconvenience.  There is no need to re-follow, Bloglovin' was able to transfer my new domain.

Pinterest - If you were currently following me before, there is nothing more to do. I still have the same boards but just a different name.

YouTube - For those of you who subscribe to my old  YouTube Channel, please re-subscribe to my new Channel: . I will no longer be uploading future videos on my old Channel. 

There are still some bugs I have to figure out while transferring over everything but hopefully it will all be completed soon.  Thank you for your continued support.  I will still keep my old email address so please feel free to continue contacting me there.  Hope everyone has a great weekend : )

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